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How Many Fruits and Veggies should I eat everyday?

The American Heart Association, United States Department of Agriculture and American Cancer Society all stress the significance of eating green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits as a portion of your healthy diet. It is suggested that adults need to eat 7 to 13 servings of raw fruits and fresh vegetables daily.

But there has always been some confusion regarding the amount of vegetable and fruit that should be present in a serving. The most common rule was that one serving is equal to one half cup or an average or medium sized piece of fruit which sounds easy enough. But while measuring a serving a piece of green bean is not so difficult, serving one half cup of carrots is not quite as simple.

Recently, the United States Department of Agriculture made it simple for all of you to understand if you are obtaining adequate amount of vegetables and fruits. They recommend that you fill over half of the plate with vegetables and fruits every meal. When you fill over half of your plate with foods such as carrots, lettuce, kale, celery, grapes, pineapple, celery, berries and grapes, you make them the major portion of every meal, meaning you have a good possibility of taking the suggested amount of food every day. And that way there is no measuring.

Even though you did not discern the exact amount recommended, some of you already know that fresh foods are good for the health and you must be eating some of these foods on a daily basis. However, do you know why these fresh foods are best for you? A lot of people turn to multi vitamin supplements to enhance their diets, but sadly, vitamins and minerals alone can’t even start to copy the massive amount of nutrients available in green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. If you are going to supplement your diet, you MUST have a WHOLE FOOD Supplement like Dr. Black’s SuperFood.

USDA stated that eating veggies and fruits on a daily basis is very important because they contain a commanding diversity of antioxidants which provide security for your body. Antioxidants are a very essential substance which may secure cells from the harm caused by uneven molecules also known as free radicals. Good examples of antioxidant substances come solely from vegetables and fruits. Eating a wide range of colorful Fruits and Veggies provides your body with an extensive set of valuable nutrients.

Those who eat fresh fruit and vegetables regularly are likely to face lesser risks of having chronic illnesses which include certain cancers, blood pressure or stroke and other Cardio diseases. Fresh vegetables and fruits are a good source of energy and provide the body with lots of essential nutrients people need to do their daily task. This is also the basis of healthier aging, feeling and looking better and radiant skin.

United Agencies such as United States Dept. of Agriculture, American Cancer Society and the Diabetes Association all suggest that you eat fruits and vegetables as much as you want, as it helps in improving your overall health. However, if you Can’t, Won’t or Don’t eat all the Fruits and Veggies everyday that you NOW know you should…. visit www.DrDennisBlack.com to get your SuperFood today!

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