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About Dr. Black

Dr. Dennis Black is a practicing Naturopathic Medical Doctor in Dallas, Texas where he specializes in helping people with digestive disorders, and since he believes that almost “EVERYTHING” is a digestive disorder in its origin, he gets to help a lot of people.  “Doc” as his friends call him, has a passion for helping people regain and maintain Optimal Health in their lives. This will become clear to you if you listen to the testimonies on this site or use any of his great products.

“Doc” Black has often been seen on TV and is also the host of a radio show that airs on several stations, called “The Natural Doctor Show”.  On that show, he breaks down complicated health and medical issues into easy to understand common sense principles.  He also exposes the myths and dangers of isolated and synthetic vitamin supplements and offers REAL nutritional solutions that work for everyone.

Today, as you might imagine, Doc Black is in great health… but this wasn’t always the case.  Actually, 30 years ago, he was diagnosed with two of the deadliest forms of Cancer known to man and was given just 90 days to live.  His Doctors told him that he had Stage 4 Kidney and Lymphatic Cancer and that there was nothing they could for him… it was just too far advanced and that there was no hope.  He was told to go home and “get his affairs in order.”  It was at this point that he vowed to “Live Life by Design” and take control of his health.

So obviously, he didn’t die… but how did he beat a certain death sentence like that?  Not only did he CURE his Cancer… but he has now not had a major sick day in 30 years! How did he achieve these miraculous results?  With a death sentence looming and without Chemotherapy or Radiation, he cured his own Cancer through what he calls, the “3 P’s”:


Positive Attitude

Powerful Nutrition

Powerful Nutritional products like SuperFood Complete and the great family of products found on this website.    By just combining these all natural products with his simple, common sense health approach, Doc Black not only cured himself but he has also helped thousands of others achieve a lives of Optimal Health!  So if you are ‘Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired’ and are ready to get off of “The Medical Merry-Go-Round”, then we are confident that if you let him, he can help you too!

Doc has a ‘Cut to the Chase’ approach to teaching others about ‘Health’ and that approach works well to keep audiences at his seminars interested and involved. People have said that he is kind of like a cross between Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil.   We are not sure if that is true, but the positive impact people see in their lives when they attend his seminars is immediate and permanent, so with his ‘No Nonsense Approach’ he must be doing SOMETHING right!

Doc Black has quite a bit of experience ‘teaching’.   He started teaching Martial Arts at age 16 and for over 35 years taught thousands of students the skills and benefits of Martial Arts.  Three times, he was nominated “Karate Instructor of the Year” by the Professional Karate Association and has taught hundreds of people to the rank of Black Belt, most notably Steve Cardenas of “Power Ranger”  TV series.

In addition to being a Champion Black Belt, Dr. Dennis Black was also a U.S. Army Green Beret, Airborne Ranger, Highly Decorated Army Officer and Military Helicopter Pilot. He is a father of 4 beautiful children and his spare time, Doc enjoys fishing, his Arabian horses, spending time with family and friends and traveling to help and teach others how to live a “Life by Design”.

Today, Doc Black is the “World’s Longest Living Survivor” of Stage 4 Renal Cell Kidney and Lymphatic Cancers. If you would like to learn more about how he achieved that and to book Dr. Black for a seminar or speaking engagement, please contact our office. We are always happy to help spread the word about the benefits of Natural Health.